Outlet Fixture Series


A Square Profile

Interaction_Push Type

4 Holes Application

Cord Application

Early Concept Sketch

Hardware System Map

Engineering Detail Drawing

To Build interior identity of Daelim, construction company in Korea, apartment as a home fixture series, tried to differentiate between square shape created by a design language and rectangular. Switch is ‘push button type’ with an LED light emitting from the inside, its usability can be boasted because of a simple molding by covered with metallic plate, which helps users be able to use them intuitively.

대림 e편한세상의 ‘진심이 짓는다’ 라는 브랜드 컨셉트를 가시화 한 첫 번째 프로젝트로써, 전체 아파트의 Industrial Design 방향을 설정한 스위치 시리즈. 직사각형에서 정사각형으로, Lever 타입에서 Push 타입으로 일반적인 아키타입에서 벗어나 e편한세상만의 사용자 경험을 바탕으로 한 이노베이션을 강조했다.

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